Pueblo, CO

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Why Move to Pueblo?

From Movoto.com, here’s “30 Things You Need to Know About Pueblo Before You Move There,” most of which are incredibly true including the green chile: Moving to Pueblo


Photo: Courtesy of Movoto and Pueblo Facebook

Our Famous Slopper

If that’s not enough reason to live in Pueblo, then we’ll get you with our slopper.

From Livability, “Chile ‘Sloppers’ Puts Pueblo on the Map” – Nov. 21, 2011

In Pueblo, a burger is more than just a burger. Smother it with the city’s famous green chilis and top with raw onions and you’ve got a slopper, Pueblo’s unique contribution to the food world. Read more: Link


Photo: Antony Boshier

What’s Remarkable?

In 2012, Livability named Pueblo, Co. the No. 7 best city in the U.S. for Historic Preservation.


Home Renovation for a Reason

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