I Forgot. The Alley.

It’s not even in our project plan. But we own a simg_6935trip of the alley behind Polly where trash is set for pick up. And I can’t ignore it. It’s where all the remnants and leave-behinds from the previous owners and squatters were thrown. From what I can see under mounds of weeds and bushes, it’s just a lot of what you’d expect. A sofa, bottles, cigarettes …and well… that’s enough for now.


It took me four hours, four strong men to carry off the sofa, three band-aids, two bottles of water and heat stroke but it’s cleared. I’m hoping for at least a thank you from the neighbors behind us or maybe the trash folks. Ugh.


Something to Stand On

We’re not an amateur construction crew but this certainly isn’t a professional affair as proven by the fact that there are rarely ladders or step stools in the house. So when it’s time to paint ceilings, you have to do what you can. My dad – known for his lengthy accident record – uses Home Depot buckets to reach high places. But even he would tell you to put both feet near the rim of the bucket lid to avoid falling in it, especially when it’s hd-bucketa bucket full of water.

Wet socks are the worst, right? He’ll tell you. And I’m sorry I don’t have a picture of it but I couldn’t stop laughing long enough to grab my phone.

We Spotted Her at Auction

The ink wasn’t even dry on our loan papers when we made an offer on Polly. We’d seen her a few weeks before and would be lying if we said it was love at first sight. But there is something very special about her.

auctionWe decided to bid on her at auction – which are everything they appear to be on TV shows. We put in our last and final bid and said goodbye to her until we were notified that our final bid was the winner!

Excited? Yes! Terrified with a pinch of buyer’s remorse? Just a shade. But this marked the beginning of a new adventure and we can’t think of a better home to do it with then Polly.